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These terms and conditions were last updated on September 28, 2021 and are subject to change without notice to any client or any other person.

Thanks for working with Pomegranate Platform Inc. (“Pomegranate”, “”us” or “we”). 

Services Offered

Pomegranate offers, among other services, the following core services (collectively, “Services”):

  • Website design, website editing, and other website-related services
  • Branding, icons, logos, brand guidelines, identity, and other brand-related services
  • Graphic design, motion graphics, illustration and other design-related services
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and other online visibility-related services
  • Email setup, maintenance and other email-related services
  • Advertising management (including social media, print, display, video and more).
  • Social media management (including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, Spotify, Reddit, and more) and other social media-related services
  • Video editing, video management, motion graphics, video ads, and other video-related Services
  • Influencer and/or creator services
  • Advertising and marketing services via Pomegranate-owned brands
  • Any ancillary services related to any of the foregoing services

These terms and conditions apply to Services provided by Pomegranate or any of its affiliates. 


Pomegranate bills clients either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or when an account reaches a certain monetary threshold. We endeavour to accommodate custom billing period requests and payment plans provided they are reasonable (as determined in our sole discretion). Except as otherwise agreed by Pomegranate in writing, clients are to pay invoices within 14 days of receipt thereof.

No Guarantee of Results, Representation or Warranty

Pomegranate does not offer any Services for which we can guarantee results of any kind. Pomegranate bills clients via either time-based billing, project-based billing or a combination of both.  We never bill based on results and we have no ability to guarantee business results of any kind (including, but not limited to, increase in revenues, sales, profits or customers). No representation or warranty is made to any client or any other person as to the quality or efficacy of any products or services provided by Pomegranate.

Advertising Spend

Our fees do not include advertising spend unless agreed otherwise by Pomegranate in writing. Advertising spend is an additional service and should be planned for separately by a client as part of the client’s advertising/marketing budget.  Advertising spend is the amount that the advertising platform charges in addition to Pomegranate’s fees and/or expenses. In some circumstances advertising spend is paid to Pomegranate and in others, advertising spend is paid directly to applicable third-party providers of the relevant advertising platform.

No Refunds

Services offered by Pomegranate are not eligible for refunds.  The work we do and the products we offer are inherently final sale as they take time and effort for our staff and/or partners to plan, execute and deliver. At Pomegranate’s sole discretion, we may offer bill credits or other non-monetary compensation in the event that we must rectify errors on our behalf. No guarantee or undertaking is made with respect to any such bill credits or other non-monetary compensation.

Additional Terms

The client may be subject to additional terms and conditions (collectively the “Policies“) governing the platforms owned and operated by Pomegranate including, but not limited to Fearless ( and Yeahflix ( in the event that the Services include one or multiple of these platforms in any capacity. By working with Pomegranate, the client hereby accepts such terms and conditions as set out by the platforms.