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Introducing Yeahflix

Today, we are proud to launch the newest addition to the Pomegranate household – meet Yeahflix.

Yeahflix is our new discovery site for the best movies, shows, and short films that the internet has to offer. Featuring new picks and throwback gems from the past, Yeahflix helps our viewers decide “what to watch this week” with recommendations for content streaming on Netflix, Prime Video, Fearless, Hulu (in the US) and free offerings also like YouTube and Vimeo.


Yeahflix is a wonderful new way for fans to discover new content to watch each week with features that include ‘Reviews’, exclusive ‘Spotlight’ interviews with creators & performers, and ‘Watch’ articles which give you the ability to watch entire shows, movies, and shorts instantly inside of Yeahflix.  With new content coming weekly, Yeahflix is a destination to help fans spend less time searching for great content and more time watching it. Yeahflix’s goal is to help you decide “what to watch this week”.

Yeahflix’s goal is to help you decide “what to watch this week”.


Yeahflix represents an excellent opportunity for creators to showcase their work and gain recognition.  With a video-centric design and a commitment to showcasing independent work, Creators can be showcased and grow their projects on Yeahflix.  Creators are encouraged to send press releases for their current or pre-launch projects to for consideration for a no-cost feature on Yeahflix.  Creators may also choose to invest in a sponsored post campaign with Yeahflix to further grow their work.


At launch, brands will be able to interact with fans via display ads purchased directly from a Pomegranate sales rep or via Google AdWords.  Over time, we will begin to introduce new ways for brands to connect with fans including a heavy focus on video-centric advertising include pre-roll and limited mid-roll options.  We will also offer custom brand integration options with time as we launch key new video-focussed features. Brands interested in advertising can contact the advertising and promotions team at


**For press inquiries involving this or any other product, contact us at**