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Our new name is Pomegranate. Here’s why.

Today, we are proud to announce our new name.  We are now Pomegranate Platform Inc. (but you can just call us Pomegranate).  

Since we started the company in Spring 2016, we didn’t entirely imagine we’d be where we are today with the unique opportunity to help amazing independent creators and the brands and fans that support their development.

Deanna and I are creators ourselves and we saw gaps in the market.  We saw mainstream and independent film as two distinct categories of content. When we discussed indie content to people in our circles, they expressed disinterest and commented that independent film was “weird,” “artsy,” and out of their “comfort zone.”  Most people who are not avid film festival attendees were telling us that independent film was not something they were interested in, which saddened us as independent content creators ourselves.

So, our mission was born.  How can we showcase independent content in a way that is more mainstream and modern without compromising the integrity and authenticity that independent film offers?  We set out on a goal to create a streaming platform that was heavily curated. An independent platform free from arthouse and experimental content and filled with independent content that stacks up to the kinds of content that everyday fans could get behind and fall in love with. We called this product Fearless and it is our flagship product to this date. In some ways, we are embarking on a sort of magic trick with Fearless – can we get the average joe to enjoy independent content? We feel confident that we can – and already are.  With the launch of Yeahflix, we are now a two-product platform able to dive deeper into the video and film space with complimentary products.

Our new name – Pomegranate – represents “something different”. It represents an invitation to disrupt the status quo and celebrate the unique.  The inside of the fruit is a wild maze with intricate patterns and a unique journey – each seed is potential for new growth. The outside represents the overall goal to where those intricate paths will lead us: content that allows mainstream to be unique, and unique to be mainstream.  Pomegranate, to us, was about the acceptance of the “inside the box” exterior and the celebration of the “outside the box” exterior – the best of both worlds.

We have always, from day one, been passionate about representation and inclusion in cinema – a promise that any story is a story worth telling and the artistry comes in how it’s told.  Our new name’s a reminder that we stand with underrepresented individuals including (but never limited to), women in film, the LGBTQ community, and minorities around the world.

As of now, we are Pomegranate. We hope you’ll join us in what’s next.

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