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We are Pomegranate.

We believe in the power of creativity. It's what makes filmmakers make great films, entrepreneurs craft great businesses, and writers to tell great stories. Pomegranate is all about helping you show the world what you are making and why. We help you showcase the thing you are making and help others discover your project. We exist so that you NEVER STOP CREATING.

Our Brands


Bold stories.

Fearless is a collection of hand-picked shows, short films, and movies by indepedent creators – the ones that challenge viewpoints, demand inclusivity, and celebrate diversity. Watch some titles for free online, buy & rent others, and watch some favourites at no cost with an Amazon Prime  subscription.

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What to watch this week.

Why are you reading reviews about movies you shouldn’t watch? Yeahflix is a fresh take on film discovery. Explore reviews on new movies and shows to fall in love with and Spotlights on the filmmakers who made them.  Yeahflix is a celebration of movies and people you should check out.

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Our Services

Film Distribution

We help creators/filmmakers distribute and showcase their work.  We distribute films and series under our Fearless brand with AVOD, SVOD and classic VOD options.  Creators generally keep 70-80% of the revenue with some programs offering viewership royalties.  We also work with select distributors.

To inquire about distributing your film with us, email

Marketing & Design

We work with filmmakers, small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs to help them with graphic design, marketing, video design, animation.  Our goal is to help up-and-comers get seen and help established entities grow or re-invent themselves.  Our solutions are goal-based to help you maximize your return on investment and make more great things happen.

If you are interested in our design and/or marketing services, email


We offer advertising solutions across our two brands: Fearless and Yeahflix.  We offer Display Ads and Pre/Mid-Roll Video Ads on both websites.  We also frequently have innovative advertising options via our film festival partnerships, brand integration in films and series, as well as advertising via paid endorsements from entertainment-based influencers already on our team.

To inquire about how Pomegranate can help get your brand noticed, email

Our Values

Creators are the future.

Everything that Pomegranate does is powered by Creators who make new, fresh, and forward-thinking entertainment.  We believe in supporting the Creator first, and Hollywood second.

All stories deserve to be told.

We believe strongly in running channels that permit every story to be told – even the ones that are difficult to hear or that challenge viewpoints. Our goal is to give a voice to the voiceless and empower Creators to speak up about what matters.

Diversity makes us stronger.

We have, and always will celebrate diversity. We want to empower society to embrace differences to fuel change. We place an importance on content that celebrates the LGBTQ community, women in film, POC creators, and underrepresented and minority Creators and stories.

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